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Hamill Manufacturing is using apprenticeship programs to rebuild the manufacturing workforce.

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Workforce Development A Leader in Southwestern Pennsylvania

For years, Hamill has been a leader in Southwestern Pennsylvania’s workforce development initiatives and our CEO, Jeff Kelly, has been instrumental in calling attention to the need for a skilled workforce.

We're not just identifying the problem, we're working diligently to ensure the pipeline of talent is full for years to come. In addition to our ongoing efforts to support internships and enhance the machinist apprenticeship program, Hamill introduced BotsIQ to Pennsylvania to encourage interest in manufacturing among the high school students that will become our future workforce. We've watched the BotsIQ participation grow from 7 teams in 2006 to 78 teams from 60 schools in 2015. 

Jeff Kelly Discusses the Benefits of NTMA from NTMA on Vimeo.

Our Programs

Hamill invests in co-op and internship programs to develop a workforce in all aspects of manufacturing. While machinists are the most recognizeable employees in the industry, there are many other impactful positions available. These opportunities allow students to build a strong base and contribute to the industry for years to come.


According to the Federal Department of Labor, registered apprenticeship programs are essential to meeting the need for a skilled workforce facing American industries by training millions of qualified individuals. Unfortunately, we see fewer and fewer young people wanting to go into the trade and opting instead to start college immediately out of high school, but we believe that that is not the only path to a rewarding, lifelong career.



BotsIQ is an educational robotics competition for high school age students. It provides these students with a unique, hands-on experience that allows them to discover the possibilities of a career in the manufacturing sector, and other science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) fields.


Career Opportunity Machinist Apprentice

A rewarding career as a journeyman machinist begins with taking the first step of becoming a part of Hamill's award winning apprenticeship program.

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