Nuclear The Nuclear Challenge

The US commercial nuclear industry has unique expectations for its supply base – adherence to strict quality stipulations, attention to detail, specialized welding and NDE requirements. This means that suppliers must do more than meet contract requirements, they must also embody certain values in their company culture.

Hamillís Culture Built for the Commercial Nuclear Industry

The core competencies and culture developed over decades in support of the defense industry provide Hamill a solid foundation for the commercial nuclear industry.

Our employee qualifications, facilities, and systems comply with the rigorous specifications of both nuclear customers and regulatory authorities.

We have a broad range of experience supplying complex, tight-tolerance machined parts for the commercial nuclear power industry.

While working at all levels in the supply chain, including the National Laboratories, we have supported new plant construction, outages, service, refueling and fuel storage.

Examples of build to print hardware supplied include flow meters, pump components, impellers, rotor shafts, valves and related internal components, fasteners and tube plugs.

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Solutions For Nuclear

  • Non-Destructive
    Hamill has extensive NDT capabilities on site including ASME qualified examiners, multiple NDT disciplines, and many functional testing processes.
  • Welding
    We have extensive experience with a variety of metals, we are capable of many different processes, and we are capable of meeting several weld standards.
  • Flexible
    We successfully respond to unpredictable and emergent customer needs by adapting our versatile manufacturing resources to create capacity.
  • Critical
    We have experience working with a wide variety of critical components including new and open concept parts.  
  • AS9100
    Hamill has an established quality management system that we continually improve through regular reviews, preventive action projects, and monitoring in rigorous internal audits.

Meeting critical requirements Welding specialists

Nuclear is not only emissions-free, but renewing our committment to nuclear power will create countless jobs at a time when our nation endures nearly double-digit unemployment.

- Fred Upton (United States Congressman)
Hamill's welding engineers analyze customer requirements, develop weld procedures, and oversee procedure and performance qualifications. In-house NDT personnel evaluate qualifications and production welding. We also have an AWS Certified Welding Inspector on staff to support our fabrication operations.

We have extensive experience welding nickel alloys, stainless, titanium, aluminum, HY-80, HY-100, and carbon steel in accordance with 250-1500-1, S9074-AR-G1B-010/278, ASME Section IX, and AWS D1.1 Our processes include GMAW, GTAW, Submerged Arc, Shielded Metal Arc, Flux-Cored Welding, Oxy-Fuel, Resistance Spot Welding, and Stud-Welding.

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Photos Courtesy of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NCR)

Thorough Inspection

Hamill possesses the skills and tools to evaluate their products to the highest standard.