Committed to Quality

Continuous Improvement

Hamill Manufacturing is constantly striving to improve our people, processes, quality, and effectiveness.


Engineering Developing Solutions

Hamill's team of engineers develop the procedures and processes required by our skilled craftsmen to execute our advanced machining solutions and complex weldments.

In addition to supporting manufacturing operations, our engineers are available to enlist for additional engineering/drafting requirements as a value-added portion of a project or for separately contracted services.

Design Engineering

Using our creative design capability, we will translate a design engineers conceptual idea into reality. Hamill will provide detailed drawings and manufacturing layouts. Our designs emphasize ease of manufacturing which results in lower manufacturing costs. We offer mechanical design, CAD/CAM, machine design, reverse engineering, metallurgical analysis, structural analysis, tool & die design, and finite element analysis.

Value Engineering

Working with your detailed plans, we will provide design reviews and drawing reviews. We can evaluate your design and offer suggestions to lower its manufactured cost and increase efficiency and reliability. If the product is released for a mock-up or manufacturing, the review continues through all operational steps to optimize processing.

Applications Engineering

We are particularly adept at the development of unique tooling, handling methods and fixturing. If the production method for your precision component does not exist, we will design and build the necessary tooling and fixturing to make it manufacturable.

Machining Consulting

Precision machining demands the ability to plan and anticipate issues and changes before they become a problem. This ability only comes from those with years of industry experience handling these challenges on a day-to-day basis. We are often contacted with process and machining questions and are the "go-to" for several customers to determine if certain complex parts and assemblies can be manufactured. Although we can do high volume machining, we thrive on challenging new design work which further strengthens our staff.


We offer Design for Manufacturability sessions that provide training on the impact of design decisions on manufacturing facilities and how they impact costs and technical feasibility to design engineers. By working closely with engineers, we can help them understand how to design machined parts and assemblies with manufacturing in mind so that a high quality product can be produced in a cost effective way.

Weld Engineering

We develop complete solutions to our customers metal fabrication needs from developing the weld procedure, the weld joint geometry, and qualifications to overseeing the processing of qualifications and testing.

Versatile Manufacturing

Hamill's well-trained staff has experience in a variety of markets.