Defense Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program

For more than 65 years, the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (“NNPP”), has depended upon Hamill’s precision manufacturing capabilities to support its aircraft carrier and submarine fleet.

Navy Subcontractor Fleet Support

Today, we serve as a direct supplier to the Navy as well as a subcontractor to many prime government contractors across the country, providing:

  • Primary system valves and a variety of auxiliary equipment used in the reactor plant
  • Equipment for steam generators, pressurizers, pipes, and fittings
  • Equipment used to refuel and service nuclear plants, including containers for movement and shipment of new and used fuel
  • High precision unmanned mine hunting components
  • Critical safety components for the Advanced Arresting Gear system which provides for an electric motor based aircraft deceleration during aircraft carrier recovery operations

Hamill has the capabilities to support any segment of the defense market in both new hardware construction and refurbishment.

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    We have experience working with a wide variety of critical components including flight safety items that support launch and recovery of aircraft for the US Navy.
    Our craftsman have experience machining a wide variety of metals and alloys to exacting tolerences using advanced manufacturing equipment.
    Hamill has extensive NDT capabilities on site including 250-1500 qualified examiners, multiple NDT disciplines, and many functional testing processes.
    We have extensive experience welding a variety of metals, utilizing many different processes, in countless configurations, all meeting AWS, ASME, and Navy weld standards.
  • AS9100
    Hamill has an established quality management system that we continually improve through regular reviews, preventive action projects, and monitoring in rigorous internal audits.

never settle with success Continuous Improvement

You must have a rising standard of quality over time, and well beyond what is required by any minimum standard. 
-Admiral Hyman G. Rickover

Hamill has a long history as a defense contractor in support of many critical programs. We have proven to be a reliable manufacturing facility that customers come to when they want something done right the first time. With our vast experience and reliable quality control systems, we can offer time sensitive production without fearing loss of quality. We understand complacence can undermine our mission so we constantly strive to be better than we are today.

Proud Member Of:

Certified Quality

Hamill is ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D certified, ITAR-registered, and fully compliant with all Federal regulations.