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Quality Control Product Verification

When component failure can undermine the safety of a system worth billions of dollars it simply must meet all specifications before shipment.

Hamill has the technical expertise and facilities to verify its products comply with all requirements from the raw material stage to simulated application operation of finished assemblies. 

Our engineering and quality staff provide the detailed, comprehensive inspection and test reports that sustain your confidence in our quality performance.

Dimensional inspection, non-destructive testing, and performance testing are used to ensure the viability of the products we manufacture. We have in-house facilities for nondestructive and destructive testing, as well as, functional testing so we can load test, pressure test, leak test, or wear test items to ensure success in service.
Every Hamill component must have approved material certifications and satisfy the dimensional requirements of the drawing before it can be accepted.

From raw material to finished product, each component can be traced from its origin through manufacturing, inspection, and testing with each processing step adding another layer to the documentation package supporting its shipment.

If any issues should arise, our traceability system will track the part back from shipment to its raw material melting.
Hamill's inspectors are meticulously trained, tested, and certified to military and industrial inspection standards and are skilled in using both manual and automated equipment. 

We manufacture complex components of all sizes requirng an array of calibrated instruments to measure them. From hand gages to coordinate measuring machines and laser tracking systems, we've got the tools and the technicians to dimensionally verify the most challenging parts.

In addition to dimensional measurements, our inspectors have the mechanical expertise to check machine setups, identify potential problems, and help prevent errors before they occur. 

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Hamill supports our manufacturing and fabrication processes with a number of Non-Destructive Testing services to verify product integrity including:
  • RT (Radiography)
  • AIT (Alloy Indentification Testing)
  • LPI/PT (Liquid Penetrant Inspection)
  • MT (Magnetic Particle for carbon steel and magnetic materials)
  • VT (Visual) inspection.
  • Hardness testing
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For systems that must be verified to be capabable of meeting the challenges of their operating enviroments before installation Hamill can conduct performance testing including:
  • Hydrostatic - Up to 90,000 psi (Collapse and Burst)
  • Flow Functional Load
  • Leak Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Others upon request
Hamill develops structurally dependable packaging solutions for each component that are designed to maintain product integrity and cleanlines through shipment and storage until installation.

We take product protection and preservation seriously and use pallets, crates, corrugated boxes with foam-in-place protection, and custom wood or steel containers as needed.

When necessary, components are assembled and packaged in isolated clean areas to prevent contamination. 

We want our products to arrive at the customer's site in the same pristine condition as they leave our facility because our committment to quality doesn't end at our loading dock. 

Non-Destructive Testing Radiography

Hamill's radiograpy lab features a 450kV system staffed by Level II and III Examiners in support of the most demanding product verification requirements.