Energy Powering the Future

The existing means by which energy is distributed, generated, supplied and carried (our power grid) is unable to meet future demands. The development of the next generation of extraction, generation and transmission technologies is essential to sustaining the economy. 

Custom Manufacturing Responsive Support

Customers in the energy market demand responsiveness to support emergent needs and keep their facilites online. Planned outages require on-time delivery to ensure maintenance windows are completed in their alloted duration. The schedule demands combine with manufacturing to the exacting requirements of ASME, AWS, 10CFR Part 21 and Part  50 to make the energy industry a challenge that only the best suppliers can take on. Hamill is a trusted supplier to customers supporting power plants, solar arrays, and oil and gas fields.

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Solutions For Energy


    We have experience working with a wide variety of critical components including systems that control the precise positioning of solar arrays for maximum output. 


    Our craftsman have experience machining a wide variety of metals and alloys to exacting tolerences using advanced manufacturing equipment.

  • AS9100

    Hamill has an established quality management system that we continually improve through regular reviews, preventive action projects, and monitoring in rigorous internal audits.


    Hamill has vast experience with creating innovative fixtures that allow for more efficient setup and machining of complex parts.


    We successfully respond to unpredictable and emergent customer needs by adapting our versatile manufacturing resources to create capacity.

Flexible Manufacturing Meeting emergent needs

We are already witnessing a transformation in the U.S. economy to increased production of lower carbon energy through fuel switching to natural gas and expansion of wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable non-carbon intensive energy sources.

-Martin O'Malley (former Governor of Maryland)

We have multiple machine tools in most configurations supporting manufacturing of components of nearly any size and quality to precise tolerances and specifications.  We are able to quickly develop tooling and fixturing to facilitate meeting any manufacturing challenge. The flexibilty of our machine tools and the inginuity of our engineering team allow us to create capacity for emergent opportunities, even if the ideal resource is not available.

The diversity of our machining capabilities combined with our assembly, engineering, fabrication, inspection, documentation, and packaging make Hamill a great choice for handling projects of any scope.

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Hamill is equipped to handle jobs of any shape or size.