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Dimensional Inspection Verification of Quality

Hamill performs visual and dimension inspections on our products while in process and upon completion of manufacturing in order to ensure compliance with all applicable dimensional tolerances and design requirements. 

Our engineers prepare inspection plans that our team of inspection experts execute to verify product quality utilizing our inventory of calibrated manual and automated tools and gages.


Inspection Capablites

Hamill's large Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) has an operating envelope of 70” x 70” x 40” and a weight capacity of 2 tons.

We also have two portable robotic CMM's that provide detailed inspection capability of parts on machine tools which allows us to maintain setups, as well as, the ability inspect parts that will not fit on our stationary table:
  • FARO Arm with an 8’ range
  • Romer Arm with an 11’ range

The CMM's utilize the PCDMIS platform and provide data for detailed inspection reports. 
Hamill's Leica AT402 Absolute Laser Tracker (CMM) provides portable coordinate measurement capability allowing extreme precision on components of almost unlimited size at large distances.

The Laser Tracker utilizes the PCDMIS platform and provide data for detailed inspection reports. 
Our well equipped metrology lab possess all the hardware our highly skilled technicians need to verify product dimensions including:
  • A programmable optical comparator with auto-edge detection and capabilities of 10X, 20X and 50X magnifications
  • Over 1,500 instruments/gages for dimensional inspection including a variety of hand tools
Hamill routinely performs First Article Inspection (FAI) for both military and commercial customers in order to verify that tooling and processes are in accordance with applicable specifications and expectations. 

FAI begins with a complete review of drawings, specifications, and standards followed by inspection in accordance with SAE AS9102 or other customer specification. 

FAI is applicable to any new part or subsequent change in the manufacturing process that invalidates a previously approved process.
Our experienced staff performs dimensional inspections on each product to ensure compliance with its design specifications.

This method involves assessing the geometric characteristics that affect both reliability and functionality and ensures that each product is in accordance with the guidelines of ASME Y14.5.

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