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Thorough Inspection

Hamill possesses the skills and tools to evaluate their products to the highest standard.


Precision Machining The Right Tools For The Job

Hamill's unique portfolio of CNC machining equipment provides the ability to turn and mill components of nearly any size, complexity, and quantity while adhering to the rigorous quality standards of our customers. Our state-of-the-art precision CNC equipment supports production requirements ranging from single parts to large-scale production runs of a thousand or more pieces. We also have conventional mills and lathes to support operations that are better suited to manual machining.

CNC Mill/Turning Overview
  • Five axis horizontal turn/mill center capable of machining parts 42” diameter and 166” long
  • Five axis vertical mill/turn center with a 43” table and 40” height clearance
CNC Milling Overview
  • Vertical turning centers capable of machining a part up to 165” x 98” x 79” and 55,000 pounds
  • Horizontal milling centers capable of handling parts 119” x 99” x 52” and utilizing a 360° full axis table
  • Featuring two bridge mills, six four axis machines, five sided milling capability, right angle head machining, and five axis machines
CNC Turning Overview
  • Vertical turning centers up to 120-inch table size and 87 inches under the rail
  • Horizontal turning capabilities up to a 55-inch swing at the chuck, 37-inch over the carriage and 157 inches between centers
  • Featuring two machines with twin spindles and five machines with live tooling
Hamill has a host of state of the art CNC machines but some applications are still better suited for conventional mills and lathes and Hamill's got the equipment and the machinists to support those projects too.

     Bridgeport (Qty 5)
     Conventional Milling
     42" x 9"

     Bridgeport (Qty 3)
     Conventional Milling
     36" x 9"

     HARDINGE (Qty 2)
     Toolroom Lathe
     10" Swing x 24" Between Centers

     LeBLOND Regal Engine Lathe
     15" Swing x 54" Between Centers

     Harrison Alpha 550
     14.5" Swing x 80" Between Centers

     11" Swing x 40" Between Centers

     Sharp 26160B
     18" Swing x 160" Between Centers

Machining of exotic metals requires constantly searching for new cutting tool technologies. Our full time staff designs and manufactures cutting tools for specific functions and works with tooling manufacturing representatives to bring in the latest, most efficient cutting tools for the job.

Hamill utilizes the Anca TG7 CNC Tool Cutter/Grinder to manufacture tooling with our own custom geometry. 

Versatile Manufacturing

Hamill's well-trained staff has experience in a variety of markets.