Serving A Broad Range of Customers

Product Verification

Hamill's detail-focused staff ensures the quality of our products every step of the way.


Custom Manufacturing Flexible and Nimble Response

Hamill machines parts in lot sizes which can vary from one to hundreds of parts per production run.

The customer has the option to change the parts mix via design modifications or product upgrades.

In addition, each part family has numerous sizes available. No order is ever identical. Hamill also performs some sub-assembly construction.

Concurrent Engineering

Hamill can work with customers to support critical projects that can't wait for ordinary business processes to catch up with the emergent needs in the field. 

Our concurrent engineering process allows for our team to support the development of solutions to problems on a time and material basis within an agreed upon framework instead of waiting for drawings and purchase orders to be generated.

High Quality Production Machining

Hamill provides small parts machining on a production level to support a major motion control systems OEM in their production of customizable pneumatic cylinders.

These rugged aluminum cylinder assemblies are highly configurable and present in many industrial applications.

The assemblies require a high degree of machining accuracy to ensure trouble-free operation.

We can capitalize on this experience and adapt these capabilities to fit the needs of customers seeking volume production of critical components.

Systems Integration

Machining and welding are the cornerstones of our manufacturing capabilities but we're also willing to take on the unique challenges that are presented to us that don't involve those core competencies.

The strength of our purchasing and assembly teams were demonstrated when we were approached by an OEM to support a manufacturing effort that was beyond the capacity of their facilities. Hamill assembled and tested thousands of large rotary actuators that need to perform without failure in harsh environments for their lifetimes.  The design contained dozens of finished parts sourced from around the world requiring us to manage the logistics of the supply chain and the end-users build schedule to support the project. 


Certified Quality

Hamill is ISO9001:2015/AS 9100D certified, ITAR-registered, and fully compliant with all Federal regulations.